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Hillcom, Inc is owned by Brandon, Kenny and Melba Hill. The Hills, two sons and their mother, are lifelong residents of Dickenson County. Brandon, an avid computer gamer, spent a great deal of resources in an effort to get adequate internet service to his home, which is located high in the mountainous terrain of Dickenson County. He succeeded by having one of, if not the, fastest internet services of anyone we know. Friends began wanting a connection, and he sold them service if he was able to get his signal to them. By January, 2017 his network had grown to about 20 customers, and he approached Kenny and Melba about a joint venture to try and provide the entire county with the best wireless broadband service possible.

Dickenson County is rather remote, but decent internet service enables students to take online courses, employees to work from home instead of traveling, not to mention gaming and surfing that many people take for granted, but is either impossible or at the speed of dial-up for many Dickenson residents.

So Hillcom, Inc was born, and incorporated in January. Happy customers spread the word and by June had over 90 on the network, with a long list of people waiting for it to be possible to reach them. The beautiful mountains that we love and call home, make broadband internet a real challenge. But plans are in the works even now to increase our customer base, with a goal of 500 by year end.

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