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March 1, 2018

Service is now available in the Fort Bottom section of Haysi.

November 31, 2017

All former DCWin towers are now upgraded and all customers are transferred to the new equipment. New customers are being added. If you can see one of the towers, service is available to you. Otherwise, we will need send someone to do a survey to check availability.

Oct 25, 2017

If you can see either of the Clintwood towers and would like to be connected, please call or email. We should be able to connect anyone in line of sight now. Clintwood Tower 2 is upgraded, and today the Clintwood tower above the football field was started. After that, we can get to the Red Onion tower and the one on Neely Ridge.

October 19, 2017

Rose Ridge and Clinchco towers are now upgraded. Clintwood Tower 2 should be complete this week.

September 21, 2017

Haysi, White Ridge, Sandlick and the Truck shop tower upgrades are complete. We will finish the Rose Ridge tower today. I think the Clinchco tower is next, then moving on toward the Clintwood area. We are only doing a few new connects, as first priority is to get the Dcwin customers upgraded and converted to Hillcom.

July 1, 2017

Hillcom, Inc would like to welcome Dcwin customers into one of, if not the, best internet services in Dickenson County. The paperwork was all finished June 30th, and we are excited to begin offering you the lightning quick internet speeds our current customers enjoy. This is vacation week for us, so upgrades cannot start until next week. They have already done much work at the base preparing to bring you onboard, which our current customers can attest to as their service several times became sporadic as we were incorporating new drops into our system. We appreciate their patience and understanding which showed what great customers we have.

Everyone is wondering what will happen next, will our bill go up, what kind of service will we have, what about my dcwin.org email, etc. We don't have all the answers yet but the next thing that needs to happen is to change out the current equipment. There are 10 towers throughout the county. Someone will climb each tower, take down the equipment that is there, and install new equipment. This will happen one tower at a time and will begin in the Haysi/Sandlick area and continue across the county.

Will your bill go up? Well, there was a reason DCwin was sold. It was not profitable. $39.95 is an extremely low price for internet. Some of you had the plus package and paid more, because your equipment cost more and you had slightly more bandwidth, I suppose. It is no wonder the county couldn't afford to upgrade the equipment and keep up with the fact that now customers don't just have a computer, they have TVs, tablets, and several computers to try to provide enough bandwidth to power. So yes, prices will increase and so will the speed of your service.

For current DCWin customers only: you will have a choice of two packages. The DCwin Surfers package will be $65 a month and will provide 5 mbps download and 1 upload, but most people get 6 down. This will be good for email, Facebook and just surfing the internet. Your other option is Hillcom’s Extreme package. You will get at least 20 mbps download, but most people get 40 or more down and 15 or more upload, which will be enough bandwidth to run all your devices, even if more than one is on it at the same time. When you hear your friends and neighbors say they have great internet-Hillcom Extreme-is the one they are talking about. It is $100 per month. Both packages have unlimited data.

For all new customers: the 10 towers will help us reach more people with our $100 per month Extreme package. This is the only package we offer new customers. We also purchased the DCWin domain, so if you have a dcwin.org email address, your email is fine for now. I would suggest you go ahead and create a free account such as Gmail, yahoo or Hotmail so that you can slowly start changing all your email to that.

We will continue working to get great highspeed internet to anyone who wants it. It is not our goal to give anyone a mediocre, limited data service, you can get that from satellite internet. But if you want the best the county has to offer, then try our Hillcom Extreme service.

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